Dear St. Jonathan,

Hi my baby angel, I’m missing you very much. There’s not a day fill without thinking of you. I know you are watching over me now, protecting and looking after all my needs. Though your voice and presence are sorely missed, but I know you are with me.

You’re a gift to me, an angel sent to guide and lift me up. You’re a gift to me, loving me unconditionally even when I doubted. You are a gift to me, ensuring me that everything is going to be fine even when you were in your most painful state. You’re a gift to me, providing and giving your unending love and support when I most needed.

I’m privileged to receive this gift, a gift that I thought once do not deserve to have. But now I can proudly declare that this gift will be forever mine, the angel who are always there.

I LOVE YOU my baby angel.

“Life is a gift, not a right”

-Jonathan Lee

Jonathan means God’s Gift. You are indeed a gift and gifted.