How have you been? It has been a month since you left me. You are dearly and sorely missed.  I miss your smile, your comforting voice, your tender hands, your everything. There’s not a day that gone by without thinking of you.

Every move i make reminds me of you. You have brought a lot of laughter and joy in my life.  You thought me how to bless others. You  led me and comforted me unfailingly.

For the past 4 weeks, I’ve tried to put on the very best side of me, strong, composed, bubbly, cheerful, for you and my family. I know there’s nothing i can do to change this, no amount of tears or sadness can make any difference into the situation. The impact you left mould me to a stronger and wiser soul . Most importantly, you thought me how to bless and love others.

I’m forever blessed to have you in my life. Eventhough physically we’re apart, you  are always here emotionally.  Your encouraging voice and unending humility.