Back at once

Dear St Jon Darling,

Hello love, it has been two months since you left me, time flies baby. I’m missing you badly. But I’m in good shape. I’m eating well and drinking less as you always wanted me to do. You know what I mean right, baby. I’m always your good girl.

Today’s magical. People around me are acting a little weird. Ohhh, in fact they are too good to be true. My Professors are so angelic and I think I might fall in love with them. Sorry sayang. When I was in the subway sniffing and hoping somebody would spare me some tissues, TADA I got it!! A sweet little old man noticed and handed me some. Hence I was having a big grin on my face the whole day! Everything seems a little extraordinary today.

I somehow feel that whatever good that has happened to me came from you. It’s like a reminder that you are always here. Did I tell you its magical?

Oh yeah baby, do you remember PS I Love You? The movie I always wanted to watch but never did? Probably it was meant to be. I watched it yesterday!

Though you’re no long one call away, but I’ll continue to use this to reach you. Yes THIS.

I was in Berlin over the weekend. Well, like you said, it’s filled blocks with lots of walking creatures in it. Just like every another German cities plus more Asians.

The only thing I really love about the city is the TRABBI and Ampelmännchen. They are extremely cute!

This definitely reminds me of you!

Your all-time favorite top.

I MISS YOU dear!

I’ll be heading back to Köln this coming weekend. To be honest, I’m afraid. You’ve got to help me alright? Give me the strength to look up to the Kölner Dom and cope with the promise that will never be fulfilled.

I Sayang You!