3 Months…

without you…

I’m missing you every day, baby!

Oh baby, this is hard. At times, I don’t have a clear set of mind, the moment of clarity and peace.

You were always there; I turned to you when I can’t seem to tell what was right and what was wrong. You weighed all the factors, the out coming advantages or the imminent dangers. You soothed me when I can’t make up my mind, telling me to take my time and eventually calmed me down.

The fact that I’m writing everything in past tense is just unreal.

How I wish I could cherish you more when you were around – Simple things like making more regular trips to Aachen to enjoying your lovely voice when you sang to me. How I wish you could be the first person to see me jumping for joy and to hear me crying in sorrow. How I wish I could turn back time.

I’m longing for your presence, care, thoughtfulness, wisdom and above all your love. Your attention to detail amazed me. I want to give it back to you. Tenfold, hundredfold.

If only, I had the chance..