Sometimes, I do wonder if knowledge does necessarily result in happiness. Of course, there’s no boundary or extent on how much one could possibly know. You know, it’s always the more the merrier kinda thing.

Sometimes, living inside a shell is not a bad thing. I guess that’s what most people would choose to do – living blissfully in their comfort zone. After all, so what if there’s some bloody-jackass-moron suicide bomber blasted Pakistan? So what, if a bloody new rocket just invaded the moon?

Do all these things even matter our lives?

Or do we choose to even allow these things to bother us?

Take my parents for example. You see when I was back in Malaysia for my summer break; my vision was clear and still is. I’m a BEACH person. I can trade anything for sun, sea and sand, anything. All I wanted was just a humble gateway to beaches in Indonesian and Thailand. That was when knowing too much spoilt my party – religion extremists, political unrest, natural disasters and etc and etc.

There I was, trapped in Bolehland, the safest country in whole wide world, ohhh of course and Germany. Just that, I wouldn’t trade my parents for the world.

In some cases, being too alert or sensitive does not always simplify things. In fact, it complicates our lives. Making every decisions harder to reach and worst of it worries us!


The effect of the coffee boost is failing…

Hence, my two cents will be continued…

P/S : Happy 26th Birthday Michelle!! You’re not just a year older but a year better!!