People grow. 18 years of life. I’ve come this far. Have I seen enough? Well, it’s my random thought. Life is just too insignificant. We don’t live to just to exist. We live because we have dreams and goals to achieve. We live because we think we can make a difference. Call me naive and innocent. I don’t live because I have to. I live because I want to. Everything in my life now is just too monotonous. My conscience and scruples are clear.


#1 Learn, pass and excel in German (checked)
#2 Get at least 85 pointers for AUSMAT (checked)
#3 Fly to Germany (checked)
#4 Study Environmental Enginnering (checked)
#5 Travel around Europe (in the process)
#6 Save money for my family to visit me (checked)
#7 Study in Western Germany (Hamburg-checked)
#8 Work for UNESCO
#9 Meet Nelson Mandela
#10 Win the Noble Peace Prize
#11 See Bush assassinated, murdered in a horrendous and appaling way
#12 Adopt a kid
#13 Work as a volunteer for the Third World Countries
#14 Work for Green Peace
#15 Mend the Ozon hole
#16 Teach Malaysian to be more courteous
#17 Be a environmental and world peace advocate
#18 Fight for poverty and hunger
#19 Fight for gender equality and racial discrimination
#20 Form Kwa Foundation like Bill Gates


#1 Favouritism
#2 Discrimination
#3 Prejudice
#4 Surplus
#5 Poverty
#6 Diseases
#7 Marginalization
#8 Corruption
#9 War
#10 Suffering

There are just too many for me to list down. But I care. At least these are the things that I concern and dwell on.

The above post was published exactly 2 years ago, when I first started this blog.

Today I question myself, in this 2 years time, have time shaken my beliefs in my set of values and morality?

But one thing for sure, having a boyfriend is definitely not in the list.