Dear Baby,

It has been 4 months since you left me. Needless to say, I’m missing you very much, everyday, wondering about your wellbeing like I used to though I know that now you are very well taken care of. I still have to keep reminding myself that. I know I’m silly. I’m a strong strong girl, definitely can pull this through!

Yay! Christmas is around the corner. I love the atmosphere, the light, the stars, the angels, the tree, and the presents. They are so pretty! Christmas is indeed the best gift during dreadful winter time. God is awesome, isn’t he? I just got myself a cute little Christmas-tree like light deco for my room today. It’s now sitting with the small little gifts you bought me.

Baby, you’ve got to watch over me, right? I need strength to face and deal with my everyday’s challenges and trails. You’ve got to help me to put myself together and protect me in every way you can, ok? Promise me?

I love you, my sayang.


Your dearest