Dear Baby,

It has been five months without you.

How are you dear? And you know for sure I miss you very much.

In two days time, 2009 is going to be an end. I totally love this holiday house at Magdelenevej 43 in Denmark. I feel really blessed and loved at this moment. I still believe that all good things come from you. You somehow have the power to watch over me, sending people to take care of me. I could feel you around. I’m really counting my blessings.

In twelve days time, it will be the mark of the two years I’m here in Germany. I can’t believe how fast time passes by.

Shit happened and love took place.

There’s a rush of adrenaline of everything under the sun.

You are in no control of what, how, when, who and where. I have learnt to expect less and give more.

It hinders disappointment and embraces surprises. This way, life is simpler.

Being thankful and contentment lead to happiness. Simple joys make my day!

You will be continuously and dearly missed!

I sayang you dearest! You will be continuously and dearly missed!

My Hero

While I was playing guitar hero with benjamin today, he was very reckless and paused for a moment.

“Fong-Fong che-che.” he puzzled.

“Someone needs a haircut!”, he uttered.

I was so into the game and practically ignored his remark. I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Let me show you!

Look, this guy needs a hair cut!” he pointed at the TV.

“His hair is covering his face and nose, leaving only his mouth behind! How can he see? He definitely needs a hair cut!” he shouted.

He was referring to the guitarist on the game.

He made my day for sure!

And he rocks!


Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

Merry happy jolly Christmas!!

Feeling blessed and loved are the greatest gifts…

YOU are indeed the bestest present of all!

Thank you, love!


Dear Baby,

I’m missing you very much as always!

It’s the time of the year again. We’ll be celebrating Christmas in 2 days time. Although you’re physically not here with me in Ireland this year, you are deeply missed. Your sense of humour and the way you blend with the kids, they just loved you to bits. Benjamin misses you; he still remembers your sonic art.

For this year’s gift, I have two grannies to join us for Christmas instead of my two fine sisters. I’m lucky or what? Thank you, love.

Benjamin turned seven 5 days ago and Amalie’s four. Time flies je baby. We were playing twister earlier. Remember the gift we bought Benjamin last year? It was so much fun. We laughed till our tummy hurt so bad. If only you were here. Uncle Willy’s preparing turkey again this year, lots of them. I miss eating them with you.

The presents are all piling up at the corner, and of course the kids are counting the days. Looking at them somehow comforts me, in many ways. Their smile and innocence weaken my heart. All I need is a big warm hug and a fat smooch from them. That’s all I need baby.

I just put Benjamin to bed while reading Peter Pan to him, I held him so tightly and thought of you. I miss your hugs and kisses. I’m sure you too.

2009 has been a great year. The whole package and strings of bittersweet sensation will never be forgotten.

It has been an uphill battle with stir of emotions. Losing you is my greatest despair and seeing you suffering falters me.

I know when I look back one day, all these would lead me to somewhere you could be proud of me.

I miss you and love you very much baby!

Your Sayang


We, the Homo sapiens are spectacular, you know. Humans are so awfully complex and awe-inspiringly intelligent.

The fact that we are Good Lord’s creation and design never fails to amaze me – the details on how every bloody cell and tissue work together and make us whole. How often do we take a step back to wonder and appreciate what our body has done for us? Or do we wake up e very morning and curse FML because it’s just another bloody day?

He once told me that every day is a gift, I have to count my blessing and be thankful for whatever I have.

“Say a little grace and put a smile on your face before you start your day dear!”


I always believe that people can change, more often for the better. Or at least I used to believe that was how things work. I mean why want to be mean if you can be nice? Why choose to be a misery instead of a blessing to the others? Again, people have the power to act and behave how they want to and you can’t control THIS reality.

But it bothers me when people throw hurtful words to each other. There’s a huge difference between being sarcastic and being an asshole. Sarcasm is a fine characteristic which I truly admire. It is an art which not many people can master. In another words, sarcasm comes with consideration and moderation. And people ENJOY it because it is a FACT!

When an asshole tries to perform this art and fails miserably not once but zillion times, you become FED UP with the lameness.

You give up!

“Why force yourself to like someone if you always end up feeling hurt?” he asked.

Probably I’m just too sensitive and emotional, I need to buck up myself.

“But if they are truly your friend, you don’t deserve that. Those are clowns. You tried once, twice and even trice, but you’ve got to know your bottom line. Someone who constantly tries to put you down’s not a friend. You can’t please everyone in this world but the key is to be nice and be SINCERE to people, dear.”

We HOMO sapiens are EMO sapiens too!!

I’m still growing, pardon me please…


yea ich seh nicht wie es besser werden kann
wenn ein kind hier schon allein für sein handy durch ein messer sterben kann
mach es besser, wer es kann, man ich check es nicht
die die dazu in der lage sind verstecken sich
und dem rest gehts so schlecht wie das wetter ist
der frust wächst
opfer du guckst jetzt besser nicht
arme umkreisen kälte und hunger
und für viele die ihrn job aufgeben müssen geht die welt damit unter
wir wollen mensch sein viele sind noch welten darunter
aber wenn wir helfen dann geschehen seltene wunder
lass uns gehn wir ham noch viele schritte zu machen
mach die ersten beiden um danach den dritten zu machen
ich mein es ernst

wir träumen auch von wohlstand und frieden am block
aber die wahrheit ist: niemand ist zufrieden am block
mentalität ist:”scheiß auf alle” weil es euch nicht interessiert
im endefekt sind hier noch nichtmal deutsche integriert
check mal alles kann besser werden
hätten wir nur etwas mehr an echten werten
wir könnten lern wie man durch ergänzung wächst
und vom gefühl wär jeder tag wie die WM 06
das problem mit dem denken, der glaube früher war es besser
früher war der führer alter früher wars nicht besser
deshalb schau nach vorn und lass den alten scheiß zurück
wir gehen ein schritt nach vorn aber zwei zurück
bisher ein schritt nach vorn aber zwei zurück
ab heute ein schritt zwei schritt drei zum glück
los gehts

alles kann besser werden
wir holen uns den himmel auf erden
alles soll besser werden
holn wir uns den himmel auf erden
und alles wird besser werden
wir holen uns den himmel auf erden
keiner muss sein leben mehr gefährden
einer der kostbarsten schätze auf erden
ich will raus aus dieser scheiße hier
doch ich weiß nicht wie das gehn soll
raus aus diesem scheiß revier
doch ich weiß nicht wie es gehn soll
man sperrt mich hier in diesen bezirk
weil ich den rest der welt nicht sehn soll
ich werd aus diesem knast herausspaziern
wenn ich weiß wohin ich gehn soll
alles kann besser werden
wir holen uns den himmel auf erden
keiner muss sein leben mehr gefährden
einer der kostbarsten schätze auf erden (+kinderchor)

xavier naidoo + kinderchor:
alles kann ebsser werden
wir holen uns den himmel auf erden
alles soll besser werden
holn wir uns den himmel auf erden
alles wird besser werden
wir holen uns den himmel auf erden
keiner muss sein leben mehr gefährden
einer der kostbarsen schätze auf erden

megaloh + kinderchor:

ein schritt nach vorn aber zwei zurück
wir gehn ein schritt nach vorn aber zwei zurück
bisher ein schritt nach vorn aber zwei zurück
ab heute ein schritt zwei schritt drei zum glück
(los gehts)


ein schritt nach vorn aber zwei zurück
ein schritt zwei schritt drei zum glück.

Meet Mr Khoo

hau wei says:
how’s ur x ray tat day?

little miss sunshine says:
gonna see doc 2moro..
i dunno how to interpret d x ray..

hau wei says:
i tot u met tat day di?

little miss sunshine says:
i actually googled normal chest x ray and compare it with mine..
no ar..monday x ray..
wed doc.
gotta do appointment..

hau wei says:
show me ur x ray

little miss sunshine says:
fine doc..

hau wei says:
put like for 30 sec

little miss sunshine says:
got dots tho..

hau wei says:
a lot?
right lung
ok ok
can put down di

little miss sunshine says:
will die not?

hau wei says:
u cough got phlegm not?

little miss sunshine says:

hau wei says:
u siao po
slap u

little miss sunshine says:
no phlegm..
wat do u say?
there’s another 1..
u wanna see?

hau wei says:
i havent seen chest x ray from this angle before
dunno how to interpret

little miss sunshine says:
side view..
so the normal chest xray?
okie not?
whats d dots?

hau wei says:
dunno le
i feel those r normal la
since u dun hav cough with phelgm oso
no fever all

little miss sunshine says:
how come i cant see the size of my lungs?

hau wei says:
the lung covers the entire chest
unless u have pneumothorax
then u will see a space between ur lung and the chest wall
pneumo – air
thorax – chest
air in the chest

little miss sunshine says:
hohoho.. this is cool.. me likey this whole online diagnosis thingy..

hau wei says:
i will charge u next time

PS : Pardon our typing errors and improper english usage.