We, the Homo sapiens are spectacular, you know. Humans are so awfully complex and awe-inspiringly intelligent.

The fact that we are Good Lord’s creation and design never fails to amaze me – the details on how every bloody cell and tissue work together and make us whole. How often do we take a step back to wonder and appreciate what our body has done for us? Or do we wake up e very morning and curse FML because it’s just another bloody day?

He once told me that every day is a gift, I have to count my blessing and be thankful for whatever I have.

“Say a little grace and put a smile on your face before you start your day dear!”


I always believe that people can change, more often for the better. Or at least I used to believe that was how things work. I mean why want to be mean if you can be nice? Why choose to be a misery instead of a blessing to the others? Again, people have the power to act and behave how they want to and you can’t control THIS reality.

But it bothers me when people throw hurtful words to each other. There’s a huge difference between being sarcastic and being an asshole. Sarcasm is a fine characteristic which I truly admire. It is an art which not many people can master. In another words, sarcasm comes with consideration and moderation. And people ENJOY it because it is a FACT!

When an asshole tries to perform this art and fails miserably not once but zillion times, you become FED UP with the lameness.

You give up!

“Why force yourself to like someone if you always end up feeling hurt?” he asked.

Probably I’m just too sensitive and emotional, I need to buck up myself.

“But if they are truly your friend, you don’t deserve that. Those are clowns. You tried once, twice and even trice, but you’ve got to know your bottom line. Someone who constantly tries to put you down’s not a friend. You can’t please everyone in this world but the key is to be nice and be SINCERE to people, dear.”

We HOMO sapiens are EMO sapiens too!!

I’m still growing, pardon me please…