let me go

Warning: This post is written with an utmost intention to record my current state of mind – JADED

I somehow need to let this out before I hit the bed; I just feel I need to. So bear with my randomness.

Probably due to exam and coffee overdosed I’m feeling relatively crappy. Okay, not probably. It is! Coffee makes me go high and low. I’m not used the, you know the highness. At one point I’m fidgety and another I’m in full numbness.

And the bloody nightmare didn’t help. I dreamt of my two grannies’ passing away and Jonathan’s as a bonus. I didn’t bloody sleep at all. My deepest sympathy to my poor brain – that works not only loyally during the day but also intensely overtime during the night. I don’t know how I should make it up to you.

Dear Brainy, what do you think of sunny sandy beach with a pint of Guinness?


I know exactly what you want!

Honestly, I’m pretty motivated. I enjoy what I’m doing and my drive is clear. On Monday I was privileged to attend this meeting for international students in Hamburg at the City hall organized by the state. The speeches were inspiring and that “Ehhhh, I face the same shieeet too, that make us two!” popped up automatically!

Many international students face the same ordeal and it’s just no big deal. Just buff up and welcome the next one!

My pick-upper arrived today! – Goodies from ‘Bolehland’ thanks to my beloved mom. The excitement as you rip off that 18 kg parcel! Bejabbers! It has been the 10th or more since I arrived.

We watched the modern version of The Last of the Mochicans earlier, namely Avatar. I totally buy on the whole visual 3D effect and the USB port thingy between human and creature. I find the idea and concept cool! The whole transmission and teleporting made possible in 2158?


I’m blacking out in a minute!

Night loves!