Dear Baby,

Half a year has gone by without you, things around me hasn’t changed to a great extent. I’m pretty much the same as I was 2 years back, plus a little more maturity. You came to me as a surprise and opened up a lot of possibilities that I myself could never have discovered. Though it was short, they are all in me. Your words and wisdoms are here.

You were like a messenger. Weren’t you?

Sometimes, I do still wonder how you put up with me. You definitely had a patience of a saint.

I really miss you, everyday.

I want to move on baby.

Ironically, I’ve been questioning myself how could I possibly have had the idea of letting you go back then while I’m wanting you so badly now. How could I have doubted on us? I thank you for having faith in me, baby. I’m sorry for all the hurtful moments I’ve put you through. You made me believe that determination always wins.

The complexity is unfathomable. If only I could have the control over the time machine.

I love you sayang!


Your dearest