Seven and Three

Dearest my Baby and Big Daddy,

This is a special month! It’s February you see. The number 30 doesn’t appear on our calendar!

February was a good month. I’m doing my 5 weeks internship with the Sustainability and Global Change Department in the Hamburg University this winter break. I really have to admit that it is an eye opener in many aspects. We are in the research unit and my supervisor’s a smarty pants. He explains patiently and gives us some easy tasks to begin with and slowly injecting us with more inputs.

The staffs are all doing their PhD and Post Doctorates. It’s kinda cool to mingle around with a bunch of scientists and you’ll for sure feel tiny and nowhere out there.

I’ve been putting on weight dear!

I officially dislike winter. This year’s winter has been exceptionally cold. Did you send all the cotton candy down? Undoubtedly, it’s definitely a gorgeous view.

But the sad note is that I’m eating like a 15 year-old whom just about to hit his puberty. Please stop this! You know very well that fat girls are not attractive.

I’m very grateful with the people around me. I’m really happy and contented. Thank you, Loves.

PS: I love Spring, Summer, Sun and You!