Dear Baby,

It’s April! You know I love this month, namely it’s my month! April macht was er will! I guess this defines my character.

8 months have gone by without you. Do you miss me?

It’s pretty crazy. I mean look at us, life passes by so quickly! How on earth could I imagine how life’s gonna lead us? Or correctly speaking how am I supposed to know how to lead my life?

All I know is to give my best in whatever way I can. I’m really blessed dear. I’m privileged to be granted the freedom and opportunity to seek whatever I’m looking for.

I know how lucky I’m. I thank you for that. Although it hasn’t been easy, but who says it’d be?

I have so many silly plans I want to execute right now! You’d probably think I’m crazy but as usual you’ll end up supporting me and probably join me. And I love you for that!

Kill hesitation baby! Kill insecurity baby!

I sayang you