Joga Bonito

Since I was a kid, I had this thing for Africa. My knowledge about the continent was limited just to the Sahara, Lions, Elephants and Giraffes which I saw from the television. Then, as I was a little older; I reckoned the poverty, the bloody AIDS cause by HIV, the crime and racial segregation. Over the years I came to know more and Nelson Mandela came into the picture. He was one of my childhood heroes together with Martin Luther King. Yes, once I used to have this ambition of being a politician.

My interest on this land seems to have grown even stronger ever since.

What makes me so fascinated about them lies entirely on the fact that we are completely different.

The whole culture and ethnicity amaze me in every way. The color and creed somehow reminds me that hey opposites does attract!

If there’s one thing that the world would unite and have in common, unquestionably I’d shout FOOTBALL aloud!

It’s a pity that in terms of sports our country hasn’t made a slight improvement or any achievement that we could be proud of. All our corrupted politicians have ever cared about is how dig the tax payers’ money for their own gain. National pride and joy? Oh, vanished long long ago.