one shot

You see, it’s really hard to make everyone happy. Of course when people around me are happy, I feel tenfold happier than them. That’s the ultimate reason I want to please everyone, well I least I’m constantly trying or learning to. Naturally, things don’t work that way. The more you try, sometimes, the harder it hits you. In fact, you can’t just please everyone.

All of us have our own set of rules and principles that we tend to follow. We lean on these little perfect imaginary systems we have in mind that reflect each and every one of our characters and personalities. Needless to say, that makes up our fair share of diversity in mankind. Because of our ability to adapt and rationalize enable us to find our feet in all situations and with all walks of life.

It’s a cycle that never stops. We get carried away with the people we feel most comfortable with. They build us up encouragingly and leave traces that will eventually open doors of opportunities that we’d probably not have done it by ourselves. I’m saying simple great souls who have helped an old granny crossing the street or even a random conservation with a stranger who has touched you with his or her warm smile and voice. Someone who you think you matters to them, someone who will try unfailingly to put a smile on your face, someone whose action speaks louder than words, someone who accepts you the way you are and who you are.

I have to admit that I can do better than this.

Granted, the fear of smelling my very own vulnerability has not developed itself.

I want so badly you to know!

There are three things will last forever – faith, hope and love – and the greatest of these is LOVE.

1 Corinthians 13:13