collide and combine

Today was rough and at the same time uplifting. I know this sounds crazy but it happened.

I felt as though I was about to collide with a gigantic fiery ball and nearly explode into million pieces. I’m thinking about you a lot recently, dear. The images of you somehow flicker every now and then – you and the hospital, Uncle George and Aunt Ming, your room and your scent and every other occurrence which took place last year.

You are dearly missed dear.

On the other note, I went for a chicken run today. I reckoned that my knee’s growing stronger day by day. Did you somehow cast a spell on it? I could run! And it was a pure bliss. I guess, you showed up and assured me that everything’s going to be fine. I heard you, baby.

Now hear me out, I’m OKAY! I deserve to be and I want to be.

The irony amazed me.

Auch wenn du jetzt bitterlich weinst
Bitte gib nicht auf
Auch wenn du grad das Leben verneinst
Bitte gib nicht auf
Auch wenn du dir verstorben scheinst
Bitte gib nicht auf
Auch wenn alles verdorben scheint
Gib nicht auf

Xavier Naidoo – Alles kann besser werden

PS: the two songs from Yael were played randomly as I was heading back home from jogging today. Xavier’s song popped out coincidentally from mtv as i was surfing the channels. yeah, my housemate just left me a couple of candies on my doorstep as food for thought. how it wrapped up my day. what more can i ask?