You see everyone knows that smoking is hazardous. Come on, people know it even before they start smoking. They know that this harmful habit will eventually turn into an addiction. Everyone knows how nicotine spells. They know that somehow one day they will have to struggle to quit smoking. They know that someday they will have to regret after all those years of fagging; their health will deteriorate to the extent that they’ll have to fork out most of their bloody hard earn money to feed themselves with more chemical to support their living for something that they’ve proudly earned from – all in the name of being THE BIG FAGGER.

So yeah, well done mate! Be it cigarettes, joints, or whatever you want to call them.

So why do people even start smoking?

Cause of the oral pleasure of it?

For the sake of appealing cool and accepted?

Cause you want to display the freedom in our society?

You can’t think without a puff?

Oh, some say it is a reward. A reward that is always loyal and available after a hard piece of work or a last page of a report. So I’ll deserve a little fun. I’ll have a cigarette. You get a pat on your back and heard yourself uttering “Well done mate!” It is a pure enjoyment and 100% satisfaction.

If you keep giving yourself 100 millions of reasons why you should smoke, like after all life’s short; You know seize the day, forget about tomorrow and enjoy today. Then you are just another short-sighted-foolish-selfish-dim-witted arse who enjoys temporary thrill.

Okay, so you are a smoker. And the thought of quitting actually pops up after you finally realize it is burning a big hole in your pocket. BUT you can’t. Cause every time you try, you end up firing it back. You fail. You reckon your own weakness. You are a failure. So in order not to repeat the same bloody blunder, you quit quitting smoking. You give up trying.

Call me ignorant. And I know I’m living in my very own imaginary world.

Yeah, faggers argue that we non-smokers don’t understand why someone who wants to stop hasn’t done so and continues to spend considerable amounts of money on something they actually want to get rid of. Ask the drug addicts on the street? They just can’t, there’s NO BLOODY WAY!

Let me tell you a secret my dear ones.

There’s a way! Most people underestimate their will power. How on earth you think, those athletics made their world records and Neil Armstrong landed on the moon 40 years ago? And the best you could make out of yourself is a NO. If you can believe that you want to stop and can stop, YOU CAN! It is as easy as this. You need to be ready in order to win the war against yourself. And you have to believe you can win it. The reasons and rewards of not smoking are beyond what you can ever think of.

And since today is a World No Tobacco Day, it adds up to another reason to your list.

Make believe.

PS : we are very proud of you uncle willy, mom told me the great news today!