I think ever since Jonathan’s departure, I’ve been loving and living my LIFE beyond what I could offer. I hunt for any opportunity available to pursue on my best interest in what I could possibly materialize.

I’m afraid that one day, I’d be too weak or too ill to be involved in all these burning passions and wild dreams I have in mind. I know that one day, I’d be looking back in my life (granted I’d live up to the moment) and have this wishful thinking on what could-haves.

I strive to take each day to better myself and not to hurt and upset anyone by my words and actions.

Needless to say, it is an overstatement and if I’d be able to achieve that not- anyone level, literally I’d be the most angelic being who have ever lived. No but ideally I’d and in fact everyone would want to develop into that level.

But I do strongly believe that when I care and love for that anyone, I’ll try in my best ability to bring them happiness and you know the latter.


So today, I was introduced to a new friend aka TMD

He began to ask me questions like these:

Are you unable to open your mouth wide?
Is there a click when you move your lower jaw?
Do you often clench your teeth during the day?

And he probed further…

Does it hurt when you open your mouth wide?
Does it hurt when you chew?
Do you grind your teeth at night?
Do you have pain in the cheeks and temples?

After answering to his questions, Ray joined us.
Instantly, he took a picture inside of me.

By the time Splint rolled up, I’ve got to admit, I was a little overwhelmed.

Of all faces, TMD impressed me the most as I later figured out that he owns the sexiest name of all, which is Temporomandibular Disorder.

However, my favorite is Splint because he is hot. Don’t believe?

Seems like juggling work and studies, friends and family, sports and leisure, planning and organizing my India trip, and recently exams, presentations, marathon and excursions are taking its toll on me.