Day off today, which means no farming or work!

We took this opportunity to make a little visit to Learning Space Foundation, about 1,5 km away from our farm. We got up early to have breakfast and rented a bike to cycle to the school.  Needless to say, the journey was rough. The potholes, mud, dung, stones, pebbles, rocks, rubbish anything you can name it, lies on the street.

The best reward is the scenery, and of course the calamity along the way. The air, the smell, the purity, the serenity, the smile and curiosity of the people watching us as we are cruising along the way are just amazing. Forget the pouring rain; forget the condition of the road.

We just love India. A land full on contrast!

We arrived with high anticipation. The students in the school are mostly indigenous people and villagers from the area. It was a day off for them. But teachers and students made the effort to come by to welcome our visitation. They were really shy at first. In this village it is really rare to see any foreigners or strangers around and they speak very little English. In fact, we struggled to communicate with them. Teachers were really funky, they were so hyped up and the children just got no choice but to play along.

In this “Adivasi” village, there’s this tribal art called Waeli Painting. Since it was not an official schooling day, the children were not obliged to stay for the whole program. The teacher insisted on introducing us to this Art and it was so fun to know how these drawings actually reflect the whole community – simplicity.

It was hard for us to leave the children because we had another mission ahead of us. I guess the children felt the same way to as they were chasing behind us as we took off by our bikes.

We went home and fed ourselves before heading to Bhivandi.

It was the craziest bus ride I’ve ever had. I swear.
We were thrown up from the seats, throughout the entire 1 hour journey. The thought of the bus going to flip over, run over, or just have a head-on accident just freaked me out.

No, the climax of our little adventure was not trying to push ourselves into the bus; nor trying to shove ourselves into a jam-packed train; nor Andy losing one of his flip flop nor me losing my watch; nor having more than 20 people surrounding us while trying to bargain with the rickshaw driver who was trying to rip us off; nor us causing a stir in with the villagers who was trying to cheat our money;

The climax had to be getting lost in a jungle in the middle of nowhere!
We were supposed to get ourselves in this little town to buy some herbal plants from this organic nursery. In fact, we’ve traveled with all means of land transportations other than horse ride, oh I mean elephant ride.

The initial plan was to get to Van Wadi farm before dark, and have a sleep over in a little house in the jungle.

Well thanks to efficiency of the transport system, road condition, weather condition, driver’s mood and etc and etc, we arrived LATE and LOST!

But it was all FUN!

We totally loved the excitement and the rush of adrenaline.

Three of us made it carrying three bags full of 37 different species of Ayurvedic plants – 3 each!