Dear Enoch,

You were there for him and me during our darkest time. You supported, listened and cared for us when we most needed. Today that uncle has left to a better place and to be with Him and him, to a place with eternal joy, blessings and happiness.

When someone we love dies, God hides a smile in every memory and hope in every tear.

With much love…

After a great tragedy, Lord, it’s so hard to know how to reach out to those who are grieving. What can I say to parent who losses a child? How can I comfort someone who has lost a parent? The grief of such losses seems greater than we can bear. Yet I know just crying with those who cry is one way to share their burden. Thank you for healing tears, Lord. May they flow freely and turn quickly into the joy that you promise will come. Help me to see with new eyes today, especially the burden of care that others harbor within them. Grant me insight to see beyond smiling faces into hearts that hurt. When I recognize the pain, let me reach out, Lord.