Here’s my penny of thought.

Now that I’m in 3rd year of University, I’m starting to get a bigger picture of everything – speaking of my field of interest, how I perceive my future and ideal job and etc. Well, theoretically I’m supposed to be all bucked up and equipped with know-how and all ready to march into the world and shine!

The fact that it is NOT doesn’t seem to bother me. In fact, that doesn’t sound so right.

It is clearly because I’m not ready. I’m not a superwoman or rather have an IQ of over 180. Look at the pace of our society – the chase, the faster, the greater, the bigger, the smarter, and the richer, more, more and more – a superlative civilization.

And truth to be told, I despise the inventor of the Intelligence-Quotient, unremarkably a German guy.

Is humankind purely base on grading?

Do we need to put a tag on everything to prove our ability and insecurity?

It is all about proving to other people and satisfying our own needs in order to assure them and ourselves what we’ve really got in us?

Who are you to tell me I’m not as bright as my neighbor? Who are you to forfeit and judge my credibility? By flashing me the 3 digits of an IQ Test which is carried out by human itself tells me where I stand among the sea of people?

So what’s there to measure next besides everything?

My point is that one’s well-being is directly correlated to emotions and feelings.

I’m not sure if I’m being exposed far too long in a developed and disciplined society, in a culture of a high living standard where people compete and work their ass off to make their lives lazier. You know, like ha-ha loser, I could afford a dish washer, I save time, maintain my flawless hands and pay more bills on water and electricity.

Think again about the whole point of wanting to make our lives more comfortable. We end up giving up more precious things while chasing the comfort zone. We create problems for ourselves and fall into believing that by having such things, life could be better. And we complain at the end of the month that the bank account is empty. Misery starts and stress mounting.

PS : I don’t know where is this heading. But I just reread what I’ve written, and I realized that probably the only reason why is it ever written is because I’m currently intoxicated. I’m under a lot of doping substances and its side effects are enough to make me bald. So pardon me!