My Little White Tiger

It’s almost 2 weeks to 2011!

It’s amazing how 2010 turned up to be. It has been a wonderful journey and I’m absolutely grateful by the grace I’ve been showered with by Him. Everything. Never once have I had a slightest pinch of regret and wanting to undo any of my paths taken.

I’m thankful for my health that gives me strength, appreciation and power to carry on with all that I’m able to do. I’m thankful for life. I’m thankful for the blessings.

I’m truly thankful to everyone who has crossed my path. People, whom I adore, people who has never given up on me, people with whom I’ve shared laughter, food, energy, time, love, warm hugs and joy with. I’m thankful for my parents, sisters, brothers and friends, people whom I can call on and turn to in any moment to be by my side through joy or sorrow.  I will cherish and miss every single part of it, the good and of course the bad.

I’m grateful for hope, the hope that does not fail us. The hope that one day, I’ll be able to fulfill my inner satisfaction by doing things that I enjoy and being with the people care and love most.

I’m thankful that I can laugh and put laughter on someone else. I’m thankful that I’m privileged to be able to feel, see, hear, smell, listen, and talk and above all to think.

I’m thankful for 2010.