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Today has been exceptionally weird.

I mean it.

Everyone has been exceptionally and crazily nice to me.

Firstly, we had lunch at this Chinese Restaurant we normally go to and Aunty Rabbit the waitress; well her nickname and obviously she got that because she wasn’t very kind to us whenever we were there and she look like one.

Something seems very wrong today that she kept praising me and throwing me with a lot of flattery words. The point is she highlighted something that was bothering me for quite some time on the table today. What an ease I thought. Finally someone stood up for me, to help me deliver something which was meant to be said and clarified!

And to top it off, she genuinely gave me 4 pieces of ‘Loh Bak Kou’ Dim Sum as takeaway, well secretly. What a surprise! Haha. Thinking back, I should’ve hugged her before I left.

And and and…

My blog here actually has reader!

Someone buzzed me earlier to remind me and I find it awfully inspiring.

sunny says:

you have a very beautiful blog;)

little miss sunshine says:

lol.. thank you!

sunny says:

i am very touched reading it…

little miss sunshine says:



sunny says:

there is so much love in you…



little miss sunshine says:

thank you for reading!

my junkbox to throw my thoughts!

in case one day i hv alzheimer..

sunny says:

will bookmark it…

u need courage to throw ur love out there..

and not everybody can do it..

u are very brave=)

little miss sunshine says:

i din do anythin ler..

sunny says:

hahaha! u just dont realize;)

little miss sunshine says:

i will bookmark that..

sunny says:

wats there to bookmark? i dont keep a blog… lol

little miss sunshine says:

ill bookmark what u said..

See in everyday’s life, people are so afraid of giving out love because we are scared of not getting it back or in most cases we fear that we might get hurt or feel rejected.

We are worried and hesitate to love or express ourselves fearing that other people might not even appreciate or he or she might take us for granted.

Hence we oppress our feelings or display ourselves superiorly in front of others. To tell people, I have everything under control and everyone loves me because of what I HAVE.

The biggest dilemma here is we are constantly trying very HARD to get people to love us – we aim to impress people with what we HAVE, be it with material possessions, money, skills or talent.

We simply WANT people to love us.


We can’t obtain love if we don’t give love in the first place. People love us not because of our richness, cleverness or beauty. People love us because of who we are as a person – a person who can offer love unconditionally – a beautiful soul, a loving mind.

It’s wrong to say that we have to earn our love. We don’t deserve love. Nothing comes free.

The fact is, love is free. Freedom is free. Time is free.

If only we could take a leap of faith, I believe love will come knocking on our doors.

LOVE and BE LOVED. It starts from US.

This excerpt from Times which pretty much summarizes 2010 around the world brings me back to a lot of memories. Embrace the last moment of 2010 and let’s all together hope for a better and brighter 2011.

Mother Nature was uncommonly unkind this year. Haiti’s earthquake left 230,000 dead, and monsoons left one-fifth of Pakistan underwater. An Antarctic collision between an iceberg and a glacier gouged out a chunk of sea ice the size of Luxembourg, an effusive Icelandic volcano stranded travelers across Europe, and the winter was so warm that Canadians couldn’t even make ice for their Olympics. Mankind, meanwhile, seemed uncommonly hapless: BP couldn’t plug the leak, lawmakers couldn’t balance a checkbook, and an octopus made more accurate predictions than most economists did. Yet memory — that deft makeup artist — may brighten the year in hindsight. A certain seriousness has set in, as citizens served notice to their leaders that the rules have changed, the stakes have risen. There was a reason the world stopped to watch and wonder as 33 trapped miners returned one by one from their near grave: we wanted to celebrate grace under pressure, discipline in the face of despair. And not settle, in ourselves, for anything less.

PS: I wanna marry a soul with a mixture of John Lennon, Ian Wright, Dalai Lama, Bob Marley, and Sheldon Copper. Will you marry me?