Bucket List

New Year, new bucket list!

I hereby declare my humble intentions, wishes, dreams, ambitions and goals:

At this point of my life, I wouldn’t know how far I could get but personally I think it is important to remind myself and always refresh my list of desires, be it for personal development or to sustain my excitement. Of course realistic or not, it’s a matter of time. I believe the recipe of contentment and fulfillment is strong passion, love, compassion and determination. After all life is short so seize the day!

Top To-Do List

Smile more

Catch the Northern Light

Volunteer more

Learning by Doing

Give more

Learn Spanish

Get a Tattoo

Save more forest and orang-utans

Never say never

See more

Be the citizen of the World

Bungee Jumping

Sky Diving

Conquer Mount Kinabalu

Love more

Savour Balut egg

Learn Sign Language

Hug more

Meet Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela

Let’s zorb

Listen more, talk less

Get a Mandela Bangle

More Free Hug Campaign

Work with engineers without Borders

Care more

Be more engaged in Greenpeace and WWF

Top Travel List

Tibet, Nepal and Northern India

Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar

East Malaysia, Indonesia

New Zealand, Australia


South America

2010 new year’s eve in Denmark

Have a great 2011!

PS: How can we not love Dalai Lama, the world would be a much better place!