New Day

“I am willing to give up everything”, said the prince to the master. “Please accept me as your disciple.”

“How does a man choose his path?” asked the master.

“Through sacrifice,” answered the prince. “A path which demands sacrifice, is a true path.”

The master bumped into some shelves. A precious vase fell, and the prince threw himself down in order to grab hold of it. He fell badly and broke his arm, but managed to save the vase.

“What is the greater sacrifice: to watch the vase smash, or break one’s arm in order to save it?” asked the master.

“I do not know,” said the prince.

“Then how can you guide your choice for sacrifice? The true path is chosen by our ability to love it, not to suffer for it.”

By Paulo Coelho

Smile Darling

Dearest Mummy and Daddy,

Smile – sunshine is good for your teeth.

It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to frown.

All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.

Sealed with love,

Inventory of normality

1] Anything that makes us forget our true identity and our dreams and makes us only works to produce and reproduce.

2] Making rules for a war (the Geneva Convention).

3] Spending years at university and then not being able to find a job.

4] Working from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon at something that does not give us the least pleasure, so that we can retire after 30 years.

5] Retiring only to discover that we have no more energy to enjoy life, and then dying of boredom after a few years.

6] Using Botox.

7] Trying to be financially successful instead of seeking happiness.

8] Ridiculing those who seek happiness instead of money by calling them “people with no ambition”.

9] Comparing objects like cars, houses and clothes, and defining life according to these comparisons instead of really trying to find out the true reason for being alive.

10] Not talking to strangers. Saying nasty things about our neighbors.

11] Thinking that parents are always right.

12] Getting married, having children and staying together even though the love has gone, claiming that it’s for the sake of the children (who do not seem to be listening to the constant arguments).

12ª] Criticizing everybody who tries to be different.

14] Waking up with a hysterical alarm-clock at the bedside.

15] Believing absolutely everything that is printed.

16] Wearing a piece of colored cloth wrapped around the neck for no apparent reason and known by the pompous name “necktie”.

17] Never asking direct questions, even though the other person understands what you want to know.

18] Keeping a smile on your face when you really want to cry. And feeling sorry for those who show their own feelings.

19] Thinking that art is worth a fortune, or else that it is worth absolutely nothing.

20] Always despising what was easily gained, because the “necessary sacrifice” – and therefore also the required qualities – are missing.

21] Following fashion, even though it all looks ridiculous and uncomfortable.

22] Being convinced that all the famous people have tons of money saved up.

23] Investing a lot in exterior beauty and paying little attention to interior beauty.

24] Using all possible means to show that even though you are a normal person, you are infinitely superior to other human beings.

25] In any kind of public transport, never looking straight into the eyes of the other passengers, as this may be taken for attempting to seduce them.

26] When you enter an elevator, looking straight at the door and pretending you are the only person inside, however crowded it may be.

27] Never laughing out loud in a restaurant, no matter how funny the story is.

28] In the Northern hemisphere, always wearing the clothes that match the season of the year: short sleeves in springtime (however cold it may be) and a woolen jacket in the fall (no matter how warm it is).

29] In the Southern hemisphere, decorating the Christmas tree with cotton wool, even though winter has nothing to do with the birth of Christ.

30] As you grow older, thinking you are the wisest man in the world, even though not always do you have enough life experience to know what is wrong.

31] Going to a charity event and thinking that in this way you have collaborated enough to put an end to all the social inequalities in the world.

32] Eating three times a day, even if you’re not hungry.

33] Believing that the others are always better at everything: they are better-looking, more resourceful, richer and more intelligent. Since it’s very risky to venture beyond your own limits, it’s better to do nothing.

34] Using the car as a way to feel powerful and in control of the world.

35] Using foul language in traffic.

36] Thinking that everything your child does wrong is the fault of the company he or she is keeping.

37] Marrying the first person who offers you a position in society. Love can wait.

38] Always saying “I tried”, even though you haven’t tried at all.

39] Putting off doing the most interesting things in life until you no longer have the strength to do them.

40] Avoiding depression with massive daily doses of television programs.

41] Believing that it is possible to be sure of everything you have won.

42] Thinking that women don’t like football and that men don’t like interior decoration.

43] Blaming the government for everything bad that happens.

44] Being convinced that being a good, decent and respectful person means that the others will find you weak, vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

45] Being convinced that aggressiveness and discourtesy in treating others are signs of a powerful personality.

46] Being afraid of fibrocopy (men) and childbirth (women).

47] And finally, thinking that your religion is the sole proprietor of the absolute truth, the most important, the best, and that the other human beings in this immense planet who believe in any other manifestation of God are condemned to the fires of hell.




48] Feeling like a generous king while giving 20€ to a charity, but feeling penniless when having the same amount to spend at the mall.

49] Being afraid of loneliness and you settle down because you think there is no one better out there for you and not believing in true love

50] Thinking that cheating is so common you have no choice but to condone it.

In The Winner Stands Alone

By Paulo Coelho

Amazing isn’t it?

First when I went through the list, deep inside I was ticking my imaginary check-list.

Bloody hell, those words are so accurately articulated and what more can I say?


Of course we all know that these things are happening and they are not wrong, just that they are all bloody norms as proposed.

Normality that we all blindly forge and compel to follow, the road that we all believe it’s righteous because everybody is doing it.

We are afraid of doing things out of the protocol because it’s UNSAFE and ABNORMAL not to follow the mass.

What about some more additional norms to top the list?

PS: It’s always uplifting to discover and develop a consciousness both for the insight and outlook of our conditions – our desires on material possessions and achievements are mainly a manifestation of our ambitious nature. Simplicity is no longer our normality. And obviously, by asking why infinitely alone won’t not lead me to the answers.
Contentment comes from inside and by loving who we are and just the way we are.
With a state of consciousness, I believe inner peace can be contained.

[sigh no more | a reflection of beauty] from JJ Starr on Vimeo.

Sigh No More – Mumford and Sons from Calvin Muusse on Vimeo.

Little India


Speak to me the sound of sun and light.
Settle my heart so i can be delight.

I miss you, my little Ganeshpuri.
I miss you, the morning aarti.

Put my feet on the ground, so i can serve my soul.
Place my mind at peace, so i won’t be a fool.

I LOVE Messtechnik.
I LOVE Energiewirtschaft.
I LOVE Energie aus Biomasse.
I LOVE Informatics 3.
I LOVE Unweltmesstechnik.

and I know you all love me too.

Just don’t brainfuck me babies.


Cold Feet

“The brain gives the heart its SIGHT.
The heart gives the brain its VISION.”

Rob Kall

“Whenever we need to make a very important decision it is best to trust our instincts, because reason usually tries to remove us from our dream, saying that the time is not yet right. Reason is afraid of defeat, but intuition enjoys life and its challenges.”

Paulo Coelho

“There is much in the world to make us afraid.
There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid.”

Frederick W. Cropp

“Anything I’ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile…
initially scared me to death”

Betty Bender


A young man was standing in the middle of the town proclaiming that he had the most beautiful heart in the whole valley. A large crowd gathered and they all admired his heart for it was perfect. There was not a mark or a flaw in it.

But an old man appeared at the front of the crowd and said,
“Your heart is not nearly as beautiful as mine.”

The crowd and the young man looked at the old man’s heart. It was beating strongly but full of scars. It had places where pieces had been removed and other pieces put in … but they didn’t fit quite right and there were several jagged edges. The young man looked at the old man’s heart and laughed.
“You must be joking,” he said. “Compare your heart with mine … mine is perfect and yours is a mess of scars and tears.”

“Yes,” said the old man, “Yours is perfect looking … but I would never trade with you. You see, every scar represents a person to whom I have given my love….. I tear out a piece of my heart and give it to them … and often they give me a piece of their heart which fits into the empty place in my heart but because the pieces aren’t exact, I have some rough edges.
” Sometimes I have given pieces of my heart away … and the other person hasn’t returned a piece of his heart to me. These are the empty gouges … giving love is taking a chance. Although these gouges are painful, they stay open, reminding me of the love I have for these people too … and I hope someday they may return and fill the space I have waiting. So now do you see what true beauty is?”

The young man stood silently with tears running down his cheeks. He walked up to the old man, reached into his perfect young and beautiful heart, and ripped a piece out. He offered it to the old man.
The old man took his offering, placed it in his heart and then took a piece from his old scarred heart and placed it in the wound in the young man’s heart.
It fit …. but not perfectly, as there were some jagged edges.
The young man looked at his heart, not perfect anymore but more beautiful than ever, since lovefrom the old man’s heart flowed into his.

Story written by Priya Sher

PS: Apart from a wonderful state of euphoria and a strings of light-hearted sensations after reading this, THE Heart which I’ve always wanted to be on me will be ON and IN me!

Danes and Dalai

Welcome to the happiest nation on Earth : Denmark!

No kidding, it’s official. According to a global survey by the World Database of Happiness, the Danes are the most contented folk on earth.

Well, money does buy happiness.

Now i wonder, why Dalai Lama wants to go Denmark?