Rainforest in my room!

So exams over and yada yada! I’m so relieved! Though I managed to ace on the first half of the exam, I screwed up my second half. Ohhhhh…  Life, balance you see. The Yin and Yang!

As I was browsing through WWF website earlier, fetching updates and news of the animals, forests, projects and for one moment, I was really sad and touched.

What are we doing to these lovely flora and fauna? They are so harmless and innocent and all we do is to exploit them in the name of power and fame.

Take a look at those polar bears, listen to the sound of the rainforest, look into the eyes of the tigers.

Mother nature belongs to us, all of us!

We bloody humans are a bunch bloody ignorant species who thinks that money is the ultimate source of happiness and reason of existence. Alarming news pleading humankind to SAVE the endangered mother nature as we have done more harm than good obviously to the extent that the CAPTAIN PLANET in us got to be unleashed so that we could bring the mother nature back in order! Oh yeah, we CAN fix it!

SAVE the Planet! How arrogant can we be?

We all know what happened in Haiti. What about the volcanic eruption in Iceland? Or the flood in Bangladesh and Australia?

Karma people, bad karma!

Why not start by preaching how not to let the planet destroy us.

Then again “SAVING the PLANET” gives us this sense of POWER, action and NOBILITY that human beings are almighty and  unstoppable.

The realisation of how to avoid planet to destroy us only proves to us on how limited our capabilities are.

Let’s be humble. Let’s respect and love our mother nature. In that way, she will continue to nourish us with the richness that we all can’t afford to lose.

Complement of the Lifecycle byproduct

Why do men love women?

Why do we love men?

if man is the sun, woman is the light of the sun.
if man is the reality, woman is the truth.
if man is the feeling, woman is the voice.
if man is the language, woman are the words.
if man is the noise, woman is the sound.
if man is the knowledge, woman is expression.
if man is the puzzle, woman is the solution.
if man is the passenger, woman is the partner.
if man is the power, woman is the strength.
if man is the journey, woman is destination.

written by Lopa Borah