Break & Borneo & Coelho

These two weeks of Malaysia and Borneo have been lovely. I could never get enough of Greeneries and Food.

Lou Lou Lou… Lou Kou Kou! Ohhh… how i’ve missed Lou Sang!

Free Hugs Campaign attempt failed in Melaka. Well, let’s just say, we were disappointed.

On our way to Tanak Nabalu Homestay! We were like excited little kids back in old school days!

Green Green Green. We crossed 12 rivers and hiked our arse off to our little jungle home. All worth it!

PS: I’ve couldn’t have made it without my 6 Ringgit Kg. Adidas. Thank You, you served me well though you ate up 2 chunks of my meat!

Spot the Orang MINYAK!

Spot the POSE, oh i mean the tongue PIERCING.

Mini Kinabalu with Audri, our group leader and wonderful host.

Sunset with Queen at Laban Rata Resthouse. We hiked 6 kilometers and about 3500 meters above sea level! Literally above clouds. Bliss bliss!

Tell me despite of our sore legs and blisters, it’s worth it!

Happiest girls on EARTH!!!

To be continued…