Mucho Gracias

So another year is passing by and for many years I fail to fathom the hype of overrated New Year’s celebrations and parties. The party hats, glittery dress, fine wine and dine and not forgetting the alcohol and ‘the’ resolution list. Of course it is ‘the’ almighty teaser of an additional digit to our age and yes responsibilities. This year, I’ve came into realization that New Year is a symbolic opportunity for me to take a step back despite of all my voyages to contemplate and reflect of my occasions and highlights I’ve encountered over the last 12 months and trust me it’s a challenge! So here am I dedicate this day before the clock strikes 12 to recollect all my special moments.

To begin, I owe myself a huge apology and confession for abandoning this site for a whole year. 2013 is an intense and eventful year which I’ve learned to grow so much. I’ve traveled to more than 28 cities in 12 different countries. That’s an average of 2 cities in each country every month. This somewhat contributed to my absence in the cyberworld. My world revolves around organizing, planning, arranging and voyaging from one place to another. At times, by foot, by bike, car, coaches, ferry, train or as phony as I could be, by plane.



Truth to be told, I’ve stayed in more than 10 different households with countless generous people across the world. To put into perspective, imagine being relocated every month, the amount of time spent and effort made to adapt and build social bridges and network in a foreign city. My curiousity and openness have yet being brought into a next level. I’m shouldering less baggages as time passed. My toiletries have reduced to bearing merely a shampoo, shower gel, cleanser, tooth brush and toothpaste. Clothes are obtained in thrift shops or recycling shops where used summer clothes are swapped for winter clothes and vice versa.

My attempt to avoid consumerism, waste and striving to be a captain planet grants me to explore different opportunities with various communities. With the right people and attitude, hitch hiking and dumspter diving are not only an alternative way to rekindle societal spirit but also allow me to save some bucks while promoting communal trust and collectiveness in sharing common needs and ideas.

The more people from all walks of lives I’ve encountered and crossed path with, the more personal values are reinforced and reaffirmed. People of all cultures and diversities cherish and crave for the the same essence in life.

TBC with snippets and best of 2013 photos…