Pâtisserie de Lydie

Ever wonder how it feels like to be showered with top quality French Patisserie? Delightful French-styled macaroons, meringue, crème brûlée, and pain au chocolat at its finest and freshest ingredients. Well, I’m lucky enough to live with one Nigella Lawson!

Lydie the gourmet, my french housemate has brought the french food and culture to its best. Her exquisite french culinary and gastronomy style is simple, fine and yet delicate.

Here are two of my favorite recipes of hers:

Crème Brûlée

For about 4 persons :

5 egg yolks
110 gr sugar (I rather put 100gr)
50 cl liquid cream (min 30% fat)
one vanilla stick
some brown sugar

1) Open the vanilla stick to extract the seeds. Mix with the cream (put the empty stick as well) and warm up slowly
2) Beat the egg yolk with the sugar till it gets “white”
3) Add the hot cream slowly and stir
4) Pour through a sieve (filter/strainer…) and avoid froth as much as possible
5) Pour into the cups and bake 75 min at 105°C (Thermostat 3). The cream should be wobbly and will get firmer by cooling down
6) Either let cool down first and finalize just before serving … or right when getting them out of the oven: put some brown sugar on the top and place right under the grill of the oven (leave the door open to avoid further baking). Get out once the sugar caramelized

Moelleux mi-cuit au chocolat

90 g butter
110 g cacao
3 eggs
70-80 g sugar
40 g flour (optional)
190 degree for 10-15 minutes

Bon appétit!