Mindful Me


A delightful newborn anxiously brought into this Universe sharp at 4.41 am, 8th April 1988 by a beautiful couple and named her Michelle Kwa Yin Fong at Klinik Sheela. She was crafted and made in Malaysia of all little state called Selangor and the land of the famous almighty “Bak Kut Teh”. Origin and breed in Klang with her two little monstrous siblings, “J” elder sister and “Ringo” younger brother. She is able to endure and put up with any babbles and chatters of theirs. A problematic, notorious, knotty, barbed and strident child is how her parents define her. Nevertheless she is still the apple of the eyes of her family. She is full of zip and vigorously anticipating a dazzling and astounding imminence.

I do not have a bomb-shell body like Gisele or neither like Oprah. I’m moderate and decent looking.
I’m easily excited and bubbily cranky. I’m a hopeless optimist and a crazy enthusiast. A humanist, minimalist and adore bucket list.

I smile. I laugh. I care. I love. I heart. I hug.
That’s the core of my life.

I love people to be happy to see me, to smile at me, to hug me and I want people to know they matter to me.
After all, what’s life without love and what’s love without people. I truly enjoy life as it is a gift.

I’m simple a person who still believes in genuineness and thoughtfulness of people.

Earth, People, Traveling, Kids, Yoga, Volunteering, NGOS, Swimming, Food, Sport, Wine, Animals, Music, Books, Beautiful Souls.

PS : Portemonnaie simply means purse in French and German. Here is where I pour my ZweiMünzen, 2 cents in.
It pronounces pot-mor-ney, and it sounds like ‘pot of money’ in English. Hence, it’s a pot of 2 cents here.

My current missions

1) to see the Northern Light.
2) to go work and volunteer in Africa.
3) to be engaged in WWF and Green Peace.
4) Santiago de Compostela!


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