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We find love by loving, and not by talking about it.








Fast Facts about Denmark and Sweden:

The Top Five Happiest Countries in the World, meet the Vikings, Blondes, Scandinavians…

1. Denmark

2. Norway

3. Sweden

4. Finland

5. Netherland

Danish : Micheal Learns to Rock and Aqua

Swedish: ABBA, Robyn, Shout out Louds, Lykke Li, and The Cardigans

Danish : LEGO, The little Mermaid, Ugly Duckling, Carlsberg,

Swedish : Volvo, H&M, (Sony) Ericsson, Köttbullar (Swedish Meat Balls), IKEA, Butter Cookies, Falcon, Julian Assange



Minimalistic Feather from hinomori


Since the last five years, the idea of minimalism has slowly creeped into me unconsciously.
I’ve never intended to worship or assign myself into certain cults, categories or whatsoever. I strongly believe and digest the fact that it’s completely OK to be different!
Some say I’m a hippie because I listen to Bob Marley, smoke weed, support Greenpeace and preach about veganism.
Some say I’m a dreamer and shallow because I’m too engrossed in my perfect little world.
And to be honest, I still do not know what is the definition of a hippie.

Whatever it is, I’m proud to declare my official journey of becoming a minimalist today.

Live simply so others may simply live. -Dalai Lama

After Jonathan’s departure from life, I started seeing things in a bigger picture in many ways. I’m learning and training myself to let go of everything I fear of losing.

I packed my bags with little money and left for India for two months and experienced more than anything I’ve learnt in my two years of University. There’s life out there, without possessions, greed, scepticism but purely trust, sincerity and openness.

Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is – Yoda.

I’m happier now than I ever was owning all of those things people told me would ‘make me happy’. The idea that my society has been hammering and drilling in me since young has proven utterly false over and over again.

Minimalism is all about having enough. It’s about having only what you need, no more, and especially no less.
It’s about finding happiness in what we have already, instead of chasing something that is always out of reach.

It’s true, in a big way, that minimalists have less. We have fewer clothes, shoes and accessories. We have smaller houses. We may have no possessions but we definitely have more of what life is made of. – Jessica, minimal student

Ask ourselves again, it is worth standing up, going against the flow and start making a change?

But does that mean we live unhappier lives?

Is it always worse to have less?


Being raised up in a fairly conservative upbringing, I was thought to do things “safe” or rather “conventional”. You know, follow and obey! The autocracy of “Do as I said!” or “Because I said so!” howls! C’mon, the dog eats dog world thingy. I loathe it!

Probably it is the reason which has shaped me the person I am today. Of course, what I mean here is by not compelling to it.

Lately, I was triggered by confessions posted by a few friends regarding the whole situation back home. The unending social segregation, the denial of meritocracy, the unfulfilled promises misled by unscrupulous politicians, all in the name of fighting for our rights and justice in our place we could call HOME, where we belong.

And today I question myself, is there any ray of hope that our country would ever emerge from all these pettiness and progress as a nation to enjoy the fruition collectively?

These political propagandas used by various parties, groups and individuals to infuse ideas and beliefs based on our culture, status, religion, and social indifference are merely a provocation, for us as a new generation to fight for a better future, for those who are denied, outcast, marginalized and discriminated so that each and every one can live in a safe and healthy environment.

The battle between who is right or wrong, who has more power, status and money creates only hatred and dissatisfaction.

If we continued to constantly live in a discontent state, there’s no drive in us to serve because everything is unjust.

We believe that we are ill-traeated and envy our neighbours because he has more and better material possesions than us.

The idea consumerism = living to buy has caused more harm than we could ever imagine. We live in a so-called “happy” world as advertised on televisions and magazines. The energy used for production and manufacture, the depletion of natural resources, the environmental destruction and pollution, the violation of human rights, the exploitation of the poor and weak, the climate change are all generated by our over-consumption. Obviously, all these are not shown in advertisements.

What about start thinking how we can make a difference?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Have you ever wondered, when each time you flush your toilet, 7 liters of fresh water is flushed away? And we are talking about almost 50 % of the developing world, 2.5 billion people has little access to safe water and proper sanitation?

Have you ever wondered, each time you leave your room with the lights on, approximately 3 billion which half the world’s population have no access to clean cooking energy and 1.6 billion are without electricity provision?

Have you ever wondered, when each time you complain about doing your dishes almost 1 billion people in the world have no food on their plate?

Are we all too carried away in this rat race?

Now where’s your LV?




Ohhh, I mean where’s your LOVE?


Carpe Diem!

What’s on your Bucket List?

Dated 5th November 2006

1) Learn, pass and excel in German
2) Get at least 85 pointers for AUSMAT
3) Fly to Germany
4) Study Environmental Enginnering
5) Travel around Europe
6) Save money for my family to visit me
7) Study in Western Germany
8.) Work for UNESCO
9) Meet Nelson Mandela
10) Win the Noble Peace Prize just like Dr Muhammad Yunus
11) See Bush assassinated, murdered in a horrendous and appaling way
12) Adopt a Child
13) Work as a volunteer for the Third World Countries
14) Work for Green Peace
15) Mend the Ozon hole
16) Teach Malaysian to be more courteous
17) Be an environmental and world peace advocate
18) Fight for poverty and hunger
19) Fight for gender equality and racial discrimination
20) Form Kwa Foundation like Bill Gates

Updated 28th February 2008

1) Embark on a Hugathon. (HUG ME, IT’S FREE!)
2) See the Northern Light
3) Go work and volunteer in Africa
4) Engage in WWF and Green Peace

Updated 31st  December 2010

Smile more
Catch the Northern Light
Volunteer more
Learning by Doing
Give more
Learn Spanish
Get a Tattoo
Save more forest and orang-utans
Never say never
See more
Be the citizen of the World
Bungee Jumping
Sky Diving
Conquer Mount Kinabalu
Love more
Savour Balut egg
Learn Sign Language
Hug more
Meet Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela
Let’s zorb
Listen more, talk less
Get a Mandela Bangle
More Free Hug Campaign
Work with engineers without Borders
Care more
Be more engaged in Greenpeace and WWF

Top Travel List

Tibet, Nepal and Northern India
Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar
East Malaysia, Indonesia
New Zealand, Australia
South America

Updated 21st May 2011

Embark the journey of Santiago de Compostela
Be thankful
Smile always
Go on a blind date!
Play better Guitar
Go on a road trip and hitch hiking
Try magic mushrooms
Go backpacking
Watch Radiohead, Kings of Leon, Coldplay Live!
Random travels with no itinerary planned at all
Go swimming with dolphins
Dance like no one is watching (out of Rhythm)
Live in a different country for at least 6 months
Knit a scarf for my Mom!
Get Braces!
Build a treehouse
Witness a solar eclipse
Get a Vespa
Go stargazing
Plant my own tree and watch it grow
Learn Spanish and possibly Esperanto
Get bald/dreadlocks! 😀
Run a 42-km marathon
Experience Water rafting, Kayaking, Sailing, Scuba diving, Snorkeling
Get a driving and diving license 😛
Play Rugby
Go skiing
Get another Tattoo
Connect with teachers and friends from past schools and let them know how they have shaped my life
Be a mentor
Bungee jump, Skydiving, Parachuting, Paragliding, Ice climbing
Climb another mountain
Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
Enjoy and practice Yoga and Meditation
Make a difference in someone’s life
Visit Everest Base Camp
Perform a kind deed to at least 5 strangers without expecting anything in return
Write a book(blog)
Sing my favorite song to an audience
Experience a sunset and sunrise
Own a dog
Whip up the best meal ever for my loved ones
See the Machu Picchu, Sea Salt, The Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, Taj Mahal, Great Barrier Reef, Cape of Good Hope, Hagia Sophia
Gain enlightenment
Bake a cake for someone special
Go deep into the heart of Mother Nature.
Go trekking in a rainforest
Camp out in the wilds
Visit a waterfall
Swim in an ocean
Love spring, summer, autumn, winter = Love Life
Read a book on a subject I’d never have thought of reading (Linux rocks!)
Fly a kite
Fall asleep on grassy plains
Try veganism
Go snorkeling and experience marine life up close
Go on a meditation retreat
Start a social movement
Watch cherry blossoms in Japan
Donate blood anually
Play Paintball
Be a Mother
Get closure on all my hurt, grievances and unhappiness of the past
Bury the hatchet with all the enemies
Sign a donar plegde
Organize more picnic outing
Visit a volcano
Fly in a helicopter
Tell my parents that I love them
Go on a cruise in the sea
Fall in love
Be in love!
Live in a rustic hut
Change the world 😀
Help someone in need

I might not be able to cross out the whole list, oh well who knows!

Bona Fides!


23 I am.

In a blink of an eye it is.

Oh did I just hear that age is just a matter of figure?

Telling people that regardless of how old you are, it’s what within you reflects your level maturity and state of mind?

And aging doesn’t correlate analogously with personal development?

Is it an appropriate yardstick for judging one’s ability?


I’ve came to realization that it’s because this constant strive for perfection and improvement which leads to a lot of dissatisfactions and unhappiness in our lives.

But in fact that we already have everything we need to be happy, right now and right here.


As cheesy and easy it might sound but we have enough in fact more than enough to be happy in our every day’s life.  The power of appreciation in little and simple things in life is truly an ability that each and every one of us should not disregard.

Do we have the ability to appreciate the laughter of our loved ones, the beauty of the sky, of people’s face, of a wonderful sunny morning, of our nature?
Do we have time to step back to, see, feel , touch and listen the sound of our nature – the breeze, rainfall, birds’ chirpings and the smell of fresh-cut greeneries ; taste our food with full gratefulness that it will nourish and replenish our body;

Or instead we strive to fill our bank accounts with imaginary digits as an aptly consumer and consequently being drown into a slave of this faulty monetary system.

We need nicer clothes, bigger house and cars that massage our butt, bigger boobies, bigger muscles, branded and expensive accessories and gadgets to demonstrate our importance and status in the society.

Ask ourselves again, do we really need any of that? We are wholesome because we are able to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life!

Upon this realization, this contentment that we have is the greatest gift that will change our life drastically. We no longer compare ourselves to other people and wish to be better.

It frees us from greedy and false temptations.

It frees us from temporarily chase of materials and possessions.

We are now free to do things, not because we want to be better, but because you LOVE it!

Because you’re passionate about it, and it gives you joy.

Because it’s a miracle that you even can do it.

Perfect is who you are, not who someone else says you should be!




Rainforest in my room!

So exams over and yada yada! I’m so relieved! Though I managed to ace on the first half of the exam, I screwed up my second half. Ohhhhh…  Life, balance you see. The Yin and Yang!

As I was browsing through WWF website earlier, fetching updates and news of the animals, forests, projects and for one moment, I was really sad and touched.

What are we doing to these lovely flora and fauna? They are so harmless and innocent and all we do is to exploit them in the name of power and fame.

Take a look at those polar bears, listen to the sound of the rainforest, look into the eyes of the tigers.

Mother nature belongs to us, all of us!

We bloody humans are a bunch bloody ignorant species who thinks that money is the ultimate source of happiness and reason of existence. Alarming news pleading humankind to SAVE the endangered mother nature as we have done more harm than good obviously to the extent that the CAPTAIN PLANET in us got to be unleashed so that we could bring the mother nature back in order! Oh yeah, we CAN fix it!

SAVE the Planet! How arrogant can we be?

We all know what happened in Haiti. What about the volcanic eruption in Iceland? Or the flood in Bangladesh and Australia?

Karma people, bad karma!

Why not start by preaching how not to let the planet destroy us.

Then again “SAVING the PLANET” gives us this sense of POWER, action and NOBILITY that human beings are almighty and  unstoppable.

The realisation of how to avoid planet to destroy us only proves to us on how limited our capabilities are.

Let’s be humble. Let’s respect and love our mother nature. In that way, she will continue to nourish us with the richness that we all can’t afford to lose.


India is mind blowing. It is ALIVE. People here are alive. From the unfriendly custom to cocked-staring-hocking men to a stout little helpful officer to a non-English speaking taxi driver and finally to a young flirty taxi driver, they are all crazily… let me repeat mind-boggling.

I actually overlooked the taxi driver who was supposed to pick me at the airport today. I panicked after all the stares and random guys approaching me for hotel and taxi offers. So I went to the corner and be isolated. And there came my savior, who brought me where I should be right now, safe and sound. I’ll save the details.

Some part of Bombay is equally nothing but dirty, messy, loud, and dirty.

For that whole 1,5 hour ride to this village with my crazy taxi driver, I’ve witnessed more than 5 men standing taking a leak along the highway. Literally, pee-ing where you can see the parabolic strand of crystal glistening liquid flowing from a source called PENIS.

Apart from the long waiting hours, and tiring flights I’m still totally hyped up. I’ve got presents from my Darling. Thank you.




Joga Bonito

Since I was a kid, I had this thing for Africa. My knowledge about the continent was limited just to the Sahara, Lions, Elephants and Giraffes which I saw from the television. Then, as I was a little older; I reckoned the poverty, the bloody AIDS cause by HIV, the crime and racial segregation. Over the years I came to know more and Nelson Mandela came into the picture. He was one of my childhood heroes together with Martin Luther King. Yes, once I used to have this ambition of being a politician.

My interest on this land seems to have grown even stronger ever since.

What makes me so fascinated about them lies entirely on the fact that we are completely different.

The whole culture and ethnicity amaze me in every way. The color and creed somehow reminds me that hey opposites does attract!

If there’s one thing that the world would unite and have in common, unquestionably I’d shout FOOTBALL aloud!

It’s a pity that in terms of sports our country hasn’t made a slight improvement or any achievement that we could be proud of. All our corrupted politicians have ever cared about is how dig the tax payers’ money for their own gain. National pride and joy? Oh, vanished long long ago.

Irish’s Pride

I’m Re-Discovering Ireland.

Ireland’s a country that holds a special place in my heart. It’s dear to me because of my family. It’s dear to because it’s a place so close to home. Oh well, I mean the feel of it literally. Of course geographically it’s nowhere close. Just the presence of my family members is enough, yeah more than enough.

So, this is my fifth time here in Ireland.

Today, I took a different itinerary before I head to my uncle’s place. To be exact I can tell you that I’m sitting in the train in the Connelly Train Station in Dublin writing this.

The real deal is this, I had my dose or shot or whatever you call it of adrenaline this morning. It never occurred to me before. I was gleefully helping my newly incoming Buddy, Yagmur from Turkey to settle her apartment’s paperwork, internet registration and etc. I knew exactly that I needed to catch a train but I was getting real comfortable. I even managed pop into some stores to get some chocolates and candies for my grandmother. Shortly, I boarded to head to Hamburg HBf.

11.15 displayed on screen of my cell phone. I took out my train schedule. Holy Molly! The supposedly train to Lübeck HBf has already left from Hamburg HBf 5 minutes ago. The bloody train to Lübeck Airport operates hourly. When I thought there was no way I’m going to make it He made a way.

All in all, I was the last passenger to check in and I swear for the first time, I felt His presence so strongly. The time series of it, I almost felt as though He was controlling it. Call it luck or whatever but I know it’s more than that. And and and I could proudly proclaim that I didn’t freak out! I was really composed and calm.

Anyways, I took a few hours idling around Dublin City and people-watching.

I wanted to take this opportunity to test the level of friendliness of Irish people.

When I was in the airport, it went completely well.

To spare the details, overall I’d give them an A-.

I also got myself a Claddagh ring this time. Yes yes, it’s a traditional Irish wedding ring. Though I’m not even close to even having a boyfriend, I thought it’d bring me some luck or my heart will be captured somehow. I discovered it and it was introduced to me by Ulana, a half Irish friend of mine and she told me a little story about this ring given to her by her grandmother. It has 3 different ways of wearing and each of them represents the wearer’s romantic availability.

1) If the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward to show that the wearer is not romantically linked but is looking for love.

2) When turned inwards, it is shown that the wearer is in a relationship, or their heart has been “captured”.

3) When the ring is worn on the left hand with the heart facing outward shows the wearer is engaged; turned inward indicates the wearer is married.

I like the idea of it.

And I wish……

My Moments and Memories

There are so many things I wanted to share, and the best part is, I have no internet connection at home. It is really unbelievable in an effective and modern country like Germany, where people like to go ‘ZAG ZAG ZAG’. I mean if the Germans are so particular about their time management and efficiency in services, I beg to differ.

Here are my moments and memories for the past two months in Germany.

Only pictures can sum and describe it all.

The Kölner Dom (Cathedral), a famous landmark in Cologne, Here is the place I’ll be residing for the next 5 months.

Our tiny apartment.

Our Classroom

Herr Lambert, our German lecturer back in Malaysia.

Chocolate Museum. Andries is by far the best travelling companion I’ve had in Germany.
Fizzie and Mark.

Susanna is Andries’s Hostmother. They have a huge house and I came over to borrow some Karneval’s Costume.

Charlotte, Andries’s Hostsister. She’s 18. We went to her school to see a play.

Alaaf!! Cologne’s has the biggest winter Carneval in Germany.

People dance, drink, sing, drink and drink on the street!

My room.

Our trip to Stuttgart and Heidelberg by IC.

Stuttgart Fleamarket.

Night view from the TV tower.

Mercedes Museum.

After a month (exactly on the 10th of February) in Germany, I’ve already visited their hospital. I had a silly accident in Heidelberg where my knee snapped. I also had my first ever surgery in Germany. I was on crutches for 6 weeks and 3 days on wheelchair.

My little surprises on Valentine’s. A get well soon card as well.

We were at Andries’s Birthday dinner. Kara from Aussie. Those at the right end corner are my red crutches.

Susanna invited us for dinner.

My church friends, Ben, Parastu and Lukas. We cooked chinese food for Andries’s Birthday and Farewell party. We cooked those. Awesome?

Our McD session after church with Lukas.

James Blunt World Tour Concert at Koelnarena.

Easter in Paris.

On our way up to Eiffel.

From Eiffel.

Nightview from Eiffel.

Bottom of Eiffel.

Louvre’s Park.

Louvre Museum.

For the first time, it snowed in Cologne.

More descriptions on the next post.

Till then,


Out of the box


I have to pen this down.

I can’t describe how I feel at this moment.

The urge is here.

Right now right here.

I’m so caught in the rat race that I got myself carried away.

I’ve neglected the most essential part of my life.

I’ve abandoned my righteous dreams, goals and ambition all in the name of better future.

To trade the good and bad, rich and poor, black and white just to enter the comfort zone.

They are all back now, back to where they stem from.

My part and contribution is far better than this.

I swear.

I have so much to look after yet so little time.


Liverpool never fails to disappoint me every time I watch them play. It’s been like exceeding long ever since I really watched a match, the entire match. Yeah, positively the World Cup’s final as far as I could remember was the last match I watched. That match was also another disappointing one. Whichever team I’d supported, it always ended up losing. Damn potong stim.

I would be all hyped up and kan-cheongly anticipating the game. After one goal from the opponent, a little patah semangat, never mind still could convince and persuade myself, well it’s just the beginning of the match. Sadly most of the time, it turns out reversely. Maybe my sway-ness was the blame of the team losing. That’s how my brother accuses me every time I watch with him. Lousy brother, to the extent of asking me to hide in the room.

Good Morning Liverpool!!!!!!!!


Daniel Wu is…

…bloody HOT!!!

We can’t actually blame those green-eyed guys who think that he’s NOT just because they don’t possess such “GAYa-ness” in them.

His voice is bloody stimulating, like those who are having blocked-nose, darn soggy and moist.


Protégé is a freaking good show. Seriously, just like Blood Diamond, instead of smuggling diamond, its drugs this time. Dang, it really gives us the insight into the drugs trading and syndicate. Double thumbs up to Derek Yee, the director of the movie.

Say “NO” to DRUGS people, not for the sake of pleasure of course. There is nothing more stupid than taking drugs. Watch the movie and see for yourself.


SPM results will be out soon. May all candidates could reap a tremendous and deserving reward. Best wishes to all of you.


I, Michelle Kwa hereby declare that I’m NOT going to buy any diamonds in the future thanks to the movie blood diamond. I’m really glad that I’m exposed to these diamond-trading scenarios which are directly contributing to war and human rights abuses. It’s a really bloody and cursed stone. So many people’s blood and lives are shed just to prove our significance, status and reputation in the society, our GREEDINESS. This luminous thing is undeniably magnificent however to that extent; it’s simply too agonizing and intolerable.

Remember 101 Dalmation? What about Free Willy? Alright, a recent one, Open Season?

What do they have in common?

Not stones, crystals, gold, platinum or rocks we are talking about, but lives, animal lives. Real living creatures like us. We own the same five living processes, growth, reproduction, movement, nutrition and sensitivity. Once we are being able to perform all of these is what makes things living organisms. Of course, we need to sacrifice other living things for survival. That’s why we have food chains and goes on and yada yada yada…

But not to degree of extinction!!!

That’s plain murdering and exploitation.

We are going against the nature and that’s so wrong.

This applies to all sorts of products from food, clothes, and cosmetics to accessories. Ivory, shark fin soup, turtles, lanolin, blubber, fur farming are total brutality. These animals are dying out. They are endangered, hunted, killed and skinned mercilessly.

Most of the time, we’re infuriated as shark fin soup is still served in Chinese wedding dinner although people are educated and aware of these issues nowadays.

When buying stops, killing stops too; it’s just another cliché.

Oh, who cares about that oh-so-umph-celebrity giving oh-so-important-message on oh-so-vanishing- tiger-elephant-sharks-and-so-on? I just want to enjoy my oh-so-bloody-meal which later transforms into an oh-so-aromatic-shit.


Mission accomplished!!!

I’ve read two books written by Cecilia Ahern in these two weeks, it was really worthwhile.

Based on rate I was reading If You Could See Me Now, within three days, this proved that Where Rainbows End is by far a better and more interesting book.

I found something appealing. Her books are available in German too.

P/S I Love You : P/S Ich Liebe Dich (P/S I love You)

Where Rainbows End : Fuer Immer Vielleicht (Perhaps, Forever)

If You Could See Me Now : Zwischen Himmel und Liebe (Between Sky and Love)

It’s been exactly one month, I didn’t converse in German. As a matter of fact, I missed them. Since Herr Sittner is gone, I’m quite reluctant to communicate in German. It’s bloody hard to convey my thoughts because I have to think, think real hard, it’s like stopping me to say something real fast, bloody time consuming. And the conversation won’t flow that well. At times, I enjoy it because I tend to think more before I speak.

I guess I will have no time for another novel for the next 11 months.


Exactly 1 year left, my longest break ending in two days time. I do not want to put any high expectations upon myself. I can’t handle it. German alone is enough to drive me ku-ku.

I do not want to start my new year telling myself to be a better student, to study harder, score higher marks, competing for a damned paper or figure. Bloody abstract. Yes, I know, all these are just an approach to improve or substantiate our ability. Scholars are meant to work freaking extra hard because our education is paid. We’re responsible and accountable not only for our own future, but the Rakyat’s future, because we’re using Rakyat’s money. All these have been drilled into our minds and hearts. Our guiltiness is beyond redemption when we’re unable to perform in an examination. The pressure and burden is so immense, that we strive for perfection. Mind you, I’m not moaning, I learn to accept everything I’ve been destined. Daddy God has a plan for me; He knows what’s best and what’s my purpose and existence.

Instead, I want to spend more time with my family, quality time. I need to grow up and be more mature. I couldn’t afford to give my parents sleepless night worrying about my well-being. There are a lot more for me to experience and stumble on. I need time to grow.


The trip back to Ipoh taught me heaps. From realizing how an awful daughter and how a rotten sister I am to getting lectured by my granny and aunties for my misbehavior. Tears were shed, joy and laughter were shared, and secrets were revealed, a memorable one indeed.

Aunt Andrea shared her opinions on marriage. Men are not trustworthy; the tendency of them in marital or sexual infidelity is too high. Basically, anti-marriage.

Cut cakes and made New Year wishes.

Played “Jim-rum-mi”, something like Mahjong, akin to two decks of poker cards.

Barney, a golden retriever never startled me for the first time. We even played ball fetching. Damned, every time he does that, he reminded me of the T.rex skeletons in “A night at the Museum”.

Yin Leng left for National Service.

Jia Loong divulged about his first kiss with Juliana.


Family is so important. My granny once told that humans categorize people around us like an onion. We are like the core in an onion and we classify our family and friends into the layers enveloping the onion. The layer closest to the core will be our dearest ones, our family. They are the ones we protect and turn to at times of trials and tribulations. They are the ones who would never abandon and desert us. As the layers go further, we include people less significance to us. Many people might argue that, people we often see are those who care about us most and they should be in our priority. I find it contrary sometimes; I would say that people who care and want to know about our well being are those who really care about us. A simple nudge or “Hi” or “How are you”, or “Exam SUCKS” from instant messaging is enough to show that that person cares for you. We do not need to see each other to show that we care. Of course, some might reason they are doing this out of boredom. For me, they are the circle of genuine friends whom I believe I treasure most. That’s the power in this cyber world where everything goes in a click.

However, time and again, we are too carried away grouping our layers of family and friends; we lose the sanity of how being one’s family and friends. More often than not, we forgot that as we judge our family or friends, the same mechanism is done to us. We want to be loved and care but have qualms to show our love and care to other people.

That’s life I guess.

Till then…

Good Night!!!

P/S : Classes resume on Monday. Our holidays are coming to an end.
Thank you everyone who made it an unforgettable one.