Pâtisserie de Lydie

Ever wonder how it feels like to be showered with top quality French Patisserie? Delightful French-styled macaroons, meringue, crème brûlée, and pain au chocolat at its finest and freshest ingredients. Well, I’m lucky enough to live with one Nigella Lawson!

Lydie the gourmet, my french housemate has brought the french food and culture to its best. Her exquisite french culinary and gastronomy style is simple, fine and yet delicate.

Here are two of my favorite recipes of hers:

Crème Brûlée

For about 4 persons :

5 egg yolks
110 gr sugar (I rather put 100gr)
50 cl liquid cream (min 30% fat)
one vanilla stick
some brown sugar

1) Open the vanilla stick to extract the seeds. Mix with the cream (put the empty stick as well) and warm up slowly
2) Beat the egg yolk with the sugar till it gets “white”
3) Add the hot cream slowly and stir
4) Pour through a sieve (filter/strainer…) and avoid froth as much as possible
5) Pour into the cups and bake 75 min at 105°C (Thermostat 3). The cream should be wobbly and will get firmer by cooling down
6) Either let cool down first and finalize just before serving … or right when getting them out of the oven: put some brown sugar on the top and place right under the grill of the oven (leave the door open to avoid further baking). Get out once the sugar caramelized

Moelleux mi-cuit au chocolat

90 g butter
110 g cacao
3 eggs
70-80 g sugar
40 g flour (optional)
190 degree for 10-15 minutes

Bon appétit!

Maple Story

Our love across the universe is traveling through five continents (Asia, Oceania, North America, Africa and Europe) and is reunited in this glorious Christmas and are able to witness and celebrate the transition to 2013. Hallelujah to our 16-month anniversary!

Honestly, what more can we ask in our inauspicious relationship?

Admittedly, aside from all guilty carbon footprint that I left behind as a result of my extensive travels as you can see above, 2012 has been the most intensive year I’ve ever had. I’ve made some drastic decisions, committed myself in a seem-to-be impossible love, graduated as an environmental engineer without being able to tell the difference between a synchronous or asynchronous generator in wind turbine, seen one of the most beautiful desert sunset in World, tandem sky-dived from 13,000 ft, bungy-jumped for the first time, swam with dusky dolphins, inked again, picked up french lessons, sang with my loved ones, ate caterpillars, kissed a girl, made my first snowman, snowshoed, and……. I’m loved!

The fortune cookie tells that 2013 will be a year full of love and laughter!

Happy 2013!

Tak & Skål

We find love by loving, and not by talking about it.








Fast Facts about Denmark and Sweden:

The Top Five Happiest Countries in the World, meet the Vikings, Blondes, Scandinavians…

1. Denmark

2. Norway

3. Sweden

4. Finland

5. Netherland

Danish : Micheal Learns to Rock and Aqua

Swedish: ABBA, Robyn, Shout out Louds, Lykke Li, and The Cardigans

Danish : LEGO, The little Mermaid, Ugly Duckling, Carlsberg,

Swedish : Volvo, H&M, (Sony) Ericsson, Köttbullar (Swedish Meat Balls), IKEA, Butter Cookies, Falcon, Julian Assange


Every day, tens of millions of one-day-old male chicks are killed because they will not be able to lay eggs. There are no rules about how this mass slaughter takes place. Some are crushed or suffocated to death. Many are used for fertiliser or fed to other animals.


I’m ashamed to admit that I put off almost one year to adopt this commitment for real.

I was too chicken to commit to my decision as I was afraid that I will be a burden to my family and friends with my new eating habit.

I was wrong.

Here’s a little story on how it all started:

My first attempt on pure vegetarian diet begun when I was in India. It wasn’t much of a hoo-haa as almost 40% of Indian households are vegetarian. And I’m sure you know the figures better than I do, 40% of 1.2 billion people in total (minus the unreported cases)……. do the math. Daniel, Kalyani and Andy were very encouraging on this matter, the reasons on why I should be a vegetarian were too good for me to resist.

Soon after that I landed home for two weeks and never really mentioned my will of changing my diet to my family. I know that they wouldn’t be particularly supportive plus who would actually give up the only 2 weeks full of TLC with family I have. I didn’t want to make a fuss out of it.

Then I was back in Hamburg at end of September 2010, I continued my meatless diet for almost 2 months before I got diagnosed with Shingles. Doctor claimed that my immunity was low and prone to suffer from diseases so he suggested that I should get back to my normal nourishment for that period of time. Shortly after that, it was Christmas and New Year’s Eve, friends, parties and get-together, I got carried away and cornered the idea in the name of not “jeopardizing” my health.

When Katja and I made a pledge of a 30-Days-without-meat mission together, I was in cloud nine. We pulled that off  before I head home for my Winter break.

My plan disrupts whenever I’m not cooking at home or having lunch in my school’s cafeteria because I tend to be “weak” when it comes to dining out with friends.

Nevertheless on THIS day, I’m so blessed that  a friend gave me strength and inspired me again to push forward where I’ve started.

Therefore, in conjunction with the World Children’s Day and World’s Environmental Day this year, I dedicate my pledge of effort for our children of tomorrow and an act to reduce my environmental and ecological footprint.

Beep my Bap!


I need some bibimbap bibimbap bibimbap!!!! It feels so damn good just by saying bibimbap-bap-bap-bap-bap itself! Sue me! 😀
So Jia Hui and I decided to make some bibimbap on weekend after we found this masterpiece!

Hoho! Action!

Salivating at midnight is a torture.





Source : http://kochschlampe.com



I have an urge. I have a desire. At this very moment, to be on heaven.

I need to let it out.

I want to have a plate of Char Koay Teow, Duck Rice, Mee Java, Rojak and a bowl of Ice Kacang and Cendol. Right now.

I want to walk along on Petaling Street and sweat my way through while enjoying the all-so-famous Beef Noodle and Tau Foo Fah!

I want to stroll along Gurney Drive and stop by for a piece of Nyonya Kuih and Satay!

I want to crawl along Jonker Street to have Chicken Rice Ball and my favourite Soya Bean!

I want to soak up the sun!

Ohhh heaven.

Mom can you ship them all over, please. Pretty please…

My Moments and Memories

There are so many things I wanted to share, and the best part is, I have no internet connection at home. It is really unbelievable in an effective and modern country like Germany, where people like to go ‘ZAG ZAG ZAG’. I mean if the Germans are so particular about their time management and efficiency in services, I beg to differ.

Here are my moments and memories for the past two months in Germany.

Only pictures can sum and describe it all.

The Kölner Dom (Cathedral), a famous landmark in Cologne, Here is the place I’ll be residing for the next 5 months.

Our tiny apartment.

Our Classroom

Herr Lambert, our German lecturer back in Malaysia.

Chocolate Museum. Andries is by far the best travelling companion I’ve had in Germany.
Fizzie and Mark.

Susanna is Andries’s Hostmother. They have a huge house and I came over to borrow some Karneval’s Costume.

Charlotte, Andries’s Hostsister. She’s 18. We went to her school to see a play.

Alaaf!! Cologne’s has the biggest winter Carneval in Germany.

People dance, drink, sing, drink and drink on the street!

My room.

Our trip to Stuttgart and Heidelberg by IC.

Stuttgart Fleamarket.

Night view from the TV tower.

Mercedes Museum.

After a month (exactly on the 10th of February) in Germany, I’ve already visited their hospital. I had a silly accident in Heidelberg where my knee snapped. I also had my first ever surgery in Germany. I was on crutches for 6 weeks and 3 days on wheelchair.

My little surprises on Valentine’s. A get well soon card as well.

We were at Andries’s Birthday dinner. Kara from Aussie. Those at the right end corner are my red crutches.

Susanna invited us for dinner.

My church friends, Ben, Parastu and Lukas. We cooked chinese food for Andries’s Birthday and Farewell party. We cooked those. Awesome?

Our McD session after church with Lukas.

James Blunt World Tour Concert at Koelnarena.

Easter in Paris.

On our way up to Eiffel.

From Eiffel.

Nightview from Eiffel.

Bottom of Eiffel.

Louvre’s Park.

Louvre Museum.

For the first time, it snowed in Cologne.

More descriptions on the next post.

Till then,


Week Three

Uncle Tobys’ cereals is delicious

Soy Rich no added sugar is tasteless

Mak cik’s cantonese Yee Mee is not as good as Pak Cik’s

Cycling around the neighborhood is a sheer bliss

Dalmation is an evil dog, he freaked me out

Wearing contact lens is carefree

Watching southpark is enjoyable

Home is always the best


Mission accomplished!!!

I’ve read two books written by Cecilia Ahern in these two weeks, it was really worthwhile.

Based on rate I was reading If You Could See Me Now, within three days, this proved that Where Rainbows End is by far a better and more interesting book.

I found something appealing. Her books are available in German too.

P/S I Love You : P/S Ich Liebe Dich (P/S I love You)

Where Rainbows End : Fuer Immer Vielleicht (Perhaps, Forever)

If You Could See Me Now : Zwischen Himmel und Liebe (Between Sky and Love)

It’s been exactly one month, I didn’t converse in German. As a matter of fact, I missed them. Since Herr Sittner is gone, I’m quite reluctant to communicate in German. It’s bloody hard to convey my thoughts because I have to think, think real hard, it’s like stopping me to say something real fast, bloody time consuming. And the conversation won’t flow that well. At times, I enjoy it because I tend to think more before I speak.

I guess I will have no time for another novel for the next 11 months.


Exactly 1 year left, my longest break ending in two days time. I do not want to put any high expectations upon myself. I can’t handle it. German alone is enough to drive me ku-ku.

I do not want to start my new year telling myself to be a better student, to study harder, score higher marks, competing for a damned paper or figure. Bloody abstract. Yes, I know, all these are just an approach to improve or substantiate our ability. Scholars are meant to work freaking extra hard because our education is paid. We’re responsible and accountable not only for our own future, but the Rakyat’s future, because we’re using Rakyat’s money. All these have been drilled into our minds and hearts. Our guiltiness is beyond redemption when we’re unable to perform in an examination. The pressure and burden is so immense, that we strive for perfection. Mind you, I’m not moaning, I learn to accept everything I’ve been destined. Daddy God has a plan for me; He knows what’s best and what’s my purpose and existence.

Instead, I want to spend more time with my family, quality time. I need to grow up and be more mature. I couldn’t afford to give my parents sleepless night worrying about my well-being. There are a lot more for me to experience and stumble on. I need time to grow.


The trip back to Ipoh taught me heaps. From realizing how an awful daughter and how a rotten sister I am to getting lectured by my granny and aunties for my misbehavior. Tears were shed, joy and laughter were shared, and secrets were revealed, a memorable one indeed.

Aunt Andrea shared her opinions on marriage. Men are not trustworthy; the tendency of them in marital or sexual infidelity is too high. Basically, anti-marriage.

Cut cakes and made New Year wishes.

Played “Jim-rum-mi”, something like Mahjong, akin to two decks of poker cards.

Barney, a golden retriever never startled me for the first time. We even played ball fetching. Damned, every time he does that, he reminded me of the T.rex skeletons in “A night at the Museum”.

Yin Leng left for National Service.

Jia Loong divulged about his first kiss with Juliana.


Family is so important. My granny once told that humans categorize people around us like an onion. We are like the core in an onion and we classify our family and friends into the layers enveloping the onion. The layer closest to the core will be our dearest ones, our family. They are the ones we protect and turn to at times of trials and tribulations. They are the ones who would never abandon and desert us. As the layers go further, we include people less significance to us. Many people might argue that, people we often see are those who care about us most and they should be in our priority. I find it contrary sometimes; I would say that people who care and want to know about our well being are those who really care about us. A simple nudge or “Hi” or “How are you”, or “Exam SUCKS” from instant messaging is enough to show that that person cares for you. We do not need to see each other to show that we care. Of course, some might reason they are doing this out of boredom. For me, they are the circle of genuine friends whom I believe I treasure most. That’s the power in this cyber world where everything goes in a click.

However, time and again, we are too carried away grouping our layers of family and friends; we lose the sanity of how being one’s family and friends. More often than not, we forgot that as we judge our family or friends, the same mechanism is done to us. We want to be loved and care but have qualms to show our love and care to other people.

That’s life I guess.

Till then…

Good Night!!!

P/S : Classes resume on Monday. Our holidays are coming to an end.
Thank you everyone who made it an unforgettable one.


A : Miss… Prada, Gucci, LV, Coach…
B : Leng lui… Sport shoe, Adidas, Nike.. Ngam mou?
C : Siu Jie, Watch.. Lei tai tai…
D : Jersey.. jersey… Chelsea, Arsenal..

Getting familiar with this local scene?

Yes. It is none other than our well-known and famous Petaling Street.

Oh well, I just love the atmosphere and mood there. The sweltering commotion is bloody satisfying. People hurried and hassle in a narrow passageway bargaining over cheaper deals and goods in a scorching hot condition. You can see their faces glistened with beads of perspiration. Not forgetting the masses of pirated DVDs and VCDs. Not to mention the XXX-rated type. Damn syok. Damn puas.

Another thing that you do not want to miss is definitely the food. Gosh. Typical asam laksa, beef noodle, mata kuching, soya milk, tai luk meen, bah kau teng. Cekap.

I Love Malaysia.


One word to sum it all, marvelous! Everything was an absolute breeze.

It started with Azizul’s presentation. Double thumbs up! Über-theme! He’s so creative and managed to deliver his points competently. The topic was ‘How to learn German Effectively’. It drew people’s attention because he showed pictures of ‘us’, his source of inspiration. We were really having good time laughing at our own silly appearance projected. God knows when he captured all those.

Yeah. A good kick-start.

I realized that almost four months of Intensive German and English just passed by. Time flies especially when we are occupied and engaged. In the blink of an eye, 2006 is drawing to an end. These four months thought me heaps. My maturity seems to blossom a notch above. It’s a training ground of my independence.

Living away from family (though five days a week) is not a piece of cake. Things come inconvenient. Most of the time, I’m restricted and confined in my hostel. My meals are fixed, like some factory workers. 11 a.m., bell rings, signal for lunch. 7.30 p.m., message received, “Dinner?”. Bloody tedious. I seriously have no idea why I’m so obsessed with the ‘wan tan mee’ there. Imagine having it four out of five meals. Crap.



Went to pyramid with Raj and Fizzie. Raj drove us there. He’s the hero of the day. Thank You! The main intention there was to get my mum’s birthday present. I was thinking of buying her a OSIM uZap. My spirit was high. (Ala, that green belt won’t cost that much, maximum 400 bucks lah). We walked and walked. Finally, OSIM came into sight, some big health gadgets fair was going on, OTO Health or something was there too. The struggle and battle of both companies is apparent and palpable. They spent like thousands to advertise and push their products. That’s why; I’m not sure whether I’m deceived with all the marketing delusion and deception. After all, which ladies wouldn’t fantasize an hour glass body as they publicized. Or is it plain chimera?

The promoters were attractive. Beautiful and lovely ladies in costume like sonia in the advertisement. High-heels and thick make-up. Sadly, the moment they opened thier mouth, their beauty and attractiveness petered out.


Me : Excuse me, how much is this? (I was all ready to buy)

Osim : Ahh. It’s RM 698 (Heck, it astounded me! 700 for that thing?) But miss, we’re having promotion now. It’s our 10th Anniversary. If you buy now, you can have a RM 100 rebate.

Me : Oh, totally out of my budget. I have RM 400 only. By the way, how effective is this thing? (I so regret asking this question, there go my 5 minutes)

Osim : blaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaa blaaaa laaa laaa blaaaaaaaaa laaa blaaaaaaaaaaa………

Me : Uh huh? Really? I’ll go the other side to require about other brand first. Hopefully, I’ll be right back. Thanks Ya!


Me : Excuse me, how much is this thing?

OTO : RM 750. (Slap my face, more expensive?)

Me : Hua, Uzap costs 600 ONLY. (brainless me)

OTO : (Start comparing Uzap and his almighty-prodigious-OTO-belt)

I spent more than 7 minutes listening to him blabbing and yapping away. He could really test my patience as I wasn’t given a chance to have a word. Now, I realized how much endeavor they go through in hiring and training their promoters. We consumers are paying through the nose to cover their expense.

Lesson learnt: Shut my mouth when it deals with promoters.

Later, we had our dinner at Hartz. They relocated and renovated their shop. A good effort I must say. No comment about the food. Fizzie and Raj had a high time burping away. These two monsters were challenging the permanence of their burps after each other. Fun Fun Fun.

At the end, I came back empty-handed.

To buy or not to buy?

It’s pricey. I think it’s not worthy after all. EXERCISE is a better alternative. Sorry mum, no pressie.

Til then.. Good night!


Malaysian Studies.
Finally, bid farewell to all the pain and nuisance of attending this irritating subject every black monday. I’ve learnt. Definately. It just hit me on how much I’ve forgotten my History. Everything for goodness sake. Heck, what’s the bloody purpose of us learning History then? To test our memorising skill and then vomitting out every single facts in our brain. Good education and teaching. It unquestionably bestows our brain cells some work out and at the same time stimulates our reflects so that we are able to think ingeniously and innovatively.

Anyhow, welcome new monday. This ultimately imply that I will have more time for this freshly fashioned blog of mine : Schwarzpunkt. I’m keen of the name. It means black point in German. Well, don’t ask me why. It does not symbolise anything in German too. Just pure and bare black point.

German. My lesson was ok. Today’s theme is Family, Friends, and Celebrations (Famile, Freunde und Feste). Ahmad did a good job presenting our first ever German presentation. He talked about “Young Gods”. This agonized me as I have not prepared. It will be on the 29th November. There are still ample of time for me to muse and mull over.

Family. Mom’s birthday coming soon. I’m trying to save money. RM 60 a week in Damansara is not really adequate. Basically I spent like 10 bucks a day. Most of the time, less than 3 bucks for lunch and more or less 4 bucks for dinner. Not forgetting my Kino-Tag, I must utilize my college days doing what I think is best for me. Watching a movie is the best timeout for me. I could feel the instantaneous effect right after i leave the cinema. Spanking new and pristine. The feeling is great. As if a chaotic and hectic day had elapsed.The Departed. Yes, coming this Wednesday. I will not miss it by hook or crook.

I Miss my Family. Love you all.